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Using Shelving To Create Storage Space In Your Home

Everyone I know could use just a little more storage space.  Here are some ideas for using shelving for storage space.

1.  Look up! There is a whole other storage option around your ceiling. Consider adding some 8-12 inch wide shelves just10-12 inches down from your ceiling, all around the room.  Or just add the shelves on one wall. It can give you lots of storage space. Be sure to consider what you will be storing on the shelves so that you can know how wide and how far down from the ceiling to put them.


Some of the very best storage ideas I have ever seen can be viewed at the Hersandhers blog.  The blog owner gives examples of around the ceiling shelving, under stairs drawers, a book collection that is housed in a stairway, open cabinets in the kitchen and more.

If you have cathedral ceilings you might consider something like what I have in my home.   My husband built a small loft and that is where I store my collectibles.  Getting things up off the floor gives you more floor space to live in and I have found it helps keep valuables in a safe place as well.


2. Shelving can be put almost anywhere!  Take a look at these simple shelves. They aren’t difficult to build and can provide storage for so many things.  Instructions for building simple shelves can be found here.


These hanging shelves can be purchased as a set and can be hung almost anywhere for instant
storage space.  hanging_shelves

The garage and basement is a great place to use ceiling shelving. There are all kinds of shelving that suspends from the ceiling and it is rated to hold certain weights.


One last picture of shelving.  I love this idea!  Open shelving in the kitchen or pantry is awesome looking! this picture comes from Apartment Therapy.



  1. Barbie

    I love the look and function of the shelving or drawers in a stairwell. It is excellent, aesthetically appealing storage space that otherwise usually goes unused.

    • Sylvia

      I really liked that, too! We live in a house without stairs now, but I could have really used that idea a few years ago :o)