Most of my readers here at CHK probably know that I host a radio program on the Preparedness Radio Network on Thursdays.   Its a joy to share what I know and share my guests with you on The 21st Century Homekeeper radio program. My program this week is exciting! On Thursday, April 19th at 7 pm central time, I have Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House and Your Preparation Station as my guest. I hope you’ll join us, we will talk about how to choose, store and cook with grains, the best grains to store. Find out what it means to “Prep” and how to prepare without fear.

Also this week, on Thursday at 1 pm central time, I will be a guest on John Wesley Smith’s show, Destiny Survival. We will be talking about Homeschooling and how to make it a part of your preparations.  I hope you will join us for this interesting and informative conversation. I have been a home educating parent since 1991. Three of our children have graduated from high school at home and gone on to college.  It can be done!  You are welcome to join us in the chat room and ask questions about home education.