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To Clean A House ~ What Order?

I get several requests per week regarding the order in which a house should be cleaned. I am assuming the people who are asking want to know which rooms to clean first and which areas of the rooms to clean first.

Here is a simple way to tackle cleaning a room. Choose the messiest room first and get it done, everything else will be down hill! 

A general Rule Of Thumb:

Work from the ceiling down.

Start by cleaning cobwebs and dust from the ceilings and walls.

Remove window treatments, wash or launder, or just hang outside to air.

Clean tops of windows and doors, clean windows.

Remove pictures and wall decor, clean them and set aside.

Clean walls.

Clean baseboards.

Dust furniture, clean nicnacs.

Remove rugs, wash or hang to air.

Clean floor.

Replace window treatments, pictures, nicnacs, rugs.



  1. Sylvia

    Yes… but I bet you do a great job on those mid-areas! :o)

  2. Heather Barrett

    HAHA. I do good to get the mid-areas clean!!!!!!!

  3. Yvonne

    Ha!! Funny you should post this, as I’ve just cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom!