Homeschool conference audiences love Marcia Somerville’s practical tips for homeschooling with a large family. Marcia is the mother of six children, now ages 18 to 28, all of whom she homeschooled throughout their grade-school lives. All have gone on to do well in college and professional lives, and are joyously walking with the Lord.

Marcia’s message is life-giving. She shares both principles and practical tips for balancing your family and positioning yourself and your children for greatest success. While the salvation of our children belongs to the Lord, we still can do things that give our children the most joyful experience possible in both homeschooling and in the process of becoming Christians. We are not all alike in our seasons or stations in life. Marcia’s tips give you a wide variety of new thoughts on which to draw as you plan for next year’s homeschool year.

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