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Thinking Out Loud

It is another cold but sunny day here in Tennessee. The sunshine is deceptive because it is only 33 degrees F. We are definitely entering into the heart of winter here where the sunshine really makes little difference to the day time temperatures. The sunshine makes me long for spring though.

little lighted trees

It was a real joy this weekend to have my house cleaned and all the beautiful Christmas clutter put away. I left up my three little trees because I like the lights, but I imagine that come spring time I will take them down so that I can have that uncluttered look I prefer in the warmer months.

My oldest daughter, Sarah and I worked in the house to get it clean and tidy and all the Christmas things put away in the attic. I’m so thankful for her and how she is willing to help us out.

I am also really thankful that we cleaned out the attic last year, it is now very easy to find items up there and everything is in boxes and stored properly. It really was a load off my mind to get that done. The attic is about as large as the whole house and it can get really unorganized quickly if it isn’t consistently taken care of.

While I work online today I am enjoying my coffee and my view out the office doors. I’ll be sewing again today. I’m out of the raw silk facial cloths I make for my employer, so I’ll make 5 or 6 of them just to keep up with the week’s demands. Dishes and laundry done I have only to sweep the floors to be finished for the day.

After that’s done, it will be time for my granddaughter to nap and I’ll read while she sleeps. Before she drifts off I like to read Brambly Hedge stories to her, she loves the little mice.

Supper tonight will be ham and split pea, lentil and rice soup. I’ll make cornbread to go with it and we’ll both enjoy the warmth while we watch a movie.

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