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Things I Would Tell the Young Me

You’ve seen lists like this.  But have you ever really put thought into making one yourself?  It has been really tough for me to do it but here is my list.  What is your list of five things you’d tell a young YOU?  Here is my list …….

  1. Your mom and dad would argue and fight even if if you weren’t there. Don’t take it personally. It’s not your marriage, not your fault, not your decisions. Focus on being you, being good and true.
  2. Choose your friends very wisely. It may mean that you don’t have many friends, but the ones you have will be the keepers.
  3. When you go to college, major in music if you want to. don’t allow anyone to persuade you to major in something you’re not in love with. There will be people who say all sorts of discouraging things to you, push ahead.
  4. Stay in college, don’t quit even for a little while. Don’t quit for anything. You’ll get finished even though the math is hard. Then, you’ll be able to choose what you want to do in life and you won’t feel like you’ve done things out of order.
  5. Everyone in Church isn’t a Christian. Everyone in Church doesn’t deserve your friendship. You’ve always been a person who respects others but you don’t have to allow people to speak into your life who don’t deserve that honor. Back away from them. Seek out truly godly people to learn from.

What’s your list?

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  1. Sarah Bagwell

    1. You matter, you’re beautiful and you’re intelligent.
    2. Your Daddy loves you. There will be many days when you doubt this, but trust me, he does.
    3. I know you’re lonely, but don’t open your heart to every boy who gives you attention. They don’t all have good intentions.
    4. Don’t feel like you must attend College. It isn’t the end all be all and going to make your family happy isn’t a good reason.
    5. Be strong now, and start standing up for yourself. You’re not being difficult or crazy when you refuse to be bullied and abused.