Its been a very busy two weeks for me, which is one reason I haven’t been posting much.  last week my two grand daughters came and spent a few days with me while their mom and dad went to look for a new house in another state. It was a particularly enjoyable time because my youngest daughter and son were at Church camp.   I had those babies all to myself!

Then this week was VBS at Church. Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite times of the year. We had a very good week and great Bible lessons to teach. I baked 25 loaves of bread for VBS this week!  The children ate homemade bread, butter, jam and fruit for snacks.

I am still making bread this morning for a fund raiser at the Youth Group car wash. After that I have some cinnamon rolls and yet more bread to make for orders.  I am so glad for those orders.  this is hoe we have earned money for our missions trip this year. I am quite thankful that our Church members have sacrificed their money and waist-lines for the sake of missions.  🙂

Next Thursday is the 21st Century Homekeeper radio program. Be sure to listen or go and download the program and listen later. I will be talking to Mrs. Joseph Wood (Janette) about her home, family, farm, business and more. It will be a sweet time of chatting and encouragement.