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The Real Way To Prepare For Guests

hen you find out that company is coming do you………


A. Start the frantic cleaning, start barking orders to the rest of the family

B. Panic, run in circles and scream.

C. Give up and wait for the inevitable embarrassment

I used to be an “A” woman, myself.  I’ve grown since then, I still clean but I try not to stress out the family, especially the husband.  After 30 years of having company over I’ve learned a few things. And they have little to do with the appearance of my home.

Everyone wants to have a clean home for guests, something nice to eat and be rested and ready to enjoy those guests. Most women don’t ever get to enjoy their guests though because they’ve spent so much energy on getting ready.

So here’s how I get ready for guests now.  I clean up the house, make something good to eat, put some pretty flowers on the table ….. and I start praying for my guests and preparing my heart as soon as I know they are coming. Preparing my heart for guests is the most important thing I can do.

I pray that the Lord will be present in our home and I pray that I will be able to make our guests feel loved and cared for.  I ask the Lord to help me be a good listener and a happy hostess. I pray that the Lord will help me to minister to whatever the needs my guests may have whether its a second serving of hashed brown casserole or a word of love and understanding.

I work at making my home comfortable but I know that it is more important to make my guests comfortable and those are two different things.

The house may or may not be cleaned to high standards, but it will be inhabitable. The meal will taste good and my heart will be ready to minister to my guests.  I challenge you to get your heart ready for company and then come and tell me about it.


  1. Falcon

    What perfect timing. I am expecting my mother in law in just a few hours. She is joining us for Mother’s Day. We don’t always have a great relationship and preparing my heart for this weekend is just what I need to do. Thank you so much for this blog.

    • Sylvia

      I’m praying for you today. I hope you have a great visit!

  2. Yesie

    Excellent advice. I try to do it all including the prayer for my guests. My most difficult task is trying to ‘listen and talk’ to my guests because we have small children and I’m usually on my feet, having to attend to them and their needs and messes.

    I have to make sure to be checking up on them if I don’t see them often enough. It’s such a challenge and now with pets, I am already praying about that.

    We are considering Home Church but again, I need to start praying about how to be able to sit still long enough to listen and talk and to attend to my family.

    • Sylvia

      I am praying today about your Home Church decisions! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. Heather Barrett

    Great advice, thanks.

  4. Helen

    Thank you for this post, it is very timely!!!

  5. Sylvia

    I think that’s excellent, Mindy!

  6. Mindy

    This is a great reminder Sylvia, thanks! I have three young kids at home right now and the season of life we are in is exceptionally busy at the moment. I tell guests that when they come over they can have good food or a clean house but not both and they can pick which one they want. =)

  7. Sylvia

    Kim I’m so glad to hear that you do have guests over, even with young children at home! So many women are just petrified of having guests over and it has to do with fear about expectations.

    I have friends who don’t have children at home and they are still worried about what someone will think of their home. More than anything I want those dear ladies to be able to minister from their homes.

    Perfection shouldn’t be our goal, opening our lives to people should be the goal.
    So, well done, Kim!

  8. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

    I love to entertain and through the years have realized that my home doesn’t have to be perfect in order to do it right. It’s about the heart.
    I also used to be an A but now I make it a priority to have my house “presentable” most of the time. In other words I wouldn’t die of embarrassment if someone knocked on my door right now. With 3 kids at home with me all day it’s hard to keep it “perfect”.
    We try to have people over at least 3-4X a month.