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The Book Of Numbers

I will be teaching  ladies Bible study on the book of Numbers in a couple of weeks. The book of Numbers, is called in Hebrew, bamidbar, meaning, “in the wilderness”. 

The book of Numbers poses quite a few questions to the Christian: Where is God taking me? What is it going to take to get there? What kinds of spiritual and character qualities must God develop in me as I travel through the wilderness of the world?

The main lesson I see in Numbers is that God will do things His way. There are many, many ways that we could come up with to be free from sin and serve the Lord. But He has His ways and His plan and it will be done.

A few representations from Numbers:

Wilderness = the world

Disease = sin

Pillar of Fire and Pillar of Cloud = God’s glory, Jesus

Tabernacle = the way of salvation

Preparation for war with enemies = preparation for spiritual war

There are more, many more. And in addition to the study on Numbers we will be doing a character study of Moses.

I am hoping that this book will really speak to the women in the class and that they will not only learn historical facts about the Hebrew people, but that they will see God’s plan; Jesus, in every chapter.


  1. Chantel

    I have in the past 2 months been lingering around in Numbers. I am gleaning such good fruit from this book. It is pleasantly surprising, to see how much there is to reap from this book, when I thought it was daunting and (dare i say) boring.

    • Sylvia

      Its a challenging and eye-opening book for me. I am loving it and feel compelled to read every day, learn more and challenged to see the Lord in every chapter.

      Sometimes Christians, especially women, feel overwhelmed when they think they are going to have to study the old testament. I understand that, but its crucial to study it so that we can know God better and I encourage women not to neglect the study of the OT.