The 21st Century Homekeeper Radio Program – Saturday, January 5th, 5 pm central snowflake 21st  2

Ten Things You Should Start Doing For Yourself – Part Two
In this show, I will continue with my list of ten things you should start learning and doing for yourself instead of paying someone to do them. These are things that most people need and most people do. I will give you some ideas on how to start doing these things at home including some resources and links to information and will explain how to get started on each one.

This week I’ll talk about bread making and all the different types of flours and yeast and also how to get started in making homemade herbal remedies.

The chat room will be open so be sure to join me live if you can! If you can’t listen live, don’t worry! Just use the same link to listen to the show on your computer at any time.

The 21st Century Homekeeper, January 5th, 5 pm central