Down to the wire and needs some help getting it all done? Here is a list of things that will help you get Thanksgiving dinner made and your house cleaned in time for Thursday! Print out the list and check it off as you go.
clean bedrooms
put away clutter from all over the house
take out trash and disinfect trash cans
clean out frig
shop if you can, don’t forget napkins or paper towels
do some laundry

clean kitchen
shop for what you forgot yesterday
make frozen desserts
look for games and coloring books for children, color pencils, paper tablecloths are great for drawing on.
do some laundry

clean living areas
clean dining room
set out serving utensils, plates, glasses, cups, saucers, casserole dishes and pans; make sure you have enough or buy paper plates and cups!
make refrigerated desserts
cut up vegetables you will need for dressing, salads, etc

make casseroles that can be reheated
roast turkey – de-bone and wrap tightly in an oven proof pan, refrigerate. Reheat tomorrow. Save bones for soup.
make cranberry relish –
make ahead – mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pies, cakes
get ice and drinks
set tables

make rolls,gravy,salad,dressing
reheat turkey and casseroles
make tea or coffee
set out frozen desserts

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