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Thankful Thursday

Since its very cold and frosty outside today, I’m so thankful for a snug little house, warmth and God’s provision for our needs. 

Its been cold here since about October.  We had snow in December which is very unusual for Middle Tennessee and we’ve had snow since.  February is our ‘snow month’ here, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a few more inches before Spring.  At least we’re not shoveling snow like many of my friends are this week.  I’m not sure you could even buy a snow shovel in my town. Several years ago when we had about 8 inches of ice and snow, most people were hard pressed to find a place that sold sleds. We had a couple of old ones from our childhood that we pulled out for the children to play on.

I am also very thankful for God’s Word, The Bible.  When I think of it,  it seems amazing that God would give us His thoughts and His very words to know Him better and to live by. I’m so thankful that when I trust in Jesus, my transgressions are forgiven, my sins are covered.


  1. *~*~*Jilly*~*~*

    Oops! I forgot to mention we don’t have snow here :o( we have had some of the worst bush fires, floods and cyclones in living memory sadly!
    In our state Western Australia; 72 home have been burnt to the ground and 32 damaged and then there is the loss of pets and life stock! Please pray for those who have sadly been affected by it all! Thank you!
    So I so wish it would snow here; however it’s not looking good for it!
    Love Jilly oxoxo

  2. *~*~*Jilly*~*~*

    Well it’s not Thursday anymore, however I thought I would come and add a comment anyway.
    Last Thursday was wonderful I met up with the most precious Girls for Craft (I am making my first quilt) and had a wonderful time; we laughed, enjoyed good food and excellent company! I have also learnt from each one of these Girls; they have taught me the love of quilting and how to do it! (Thank you Lord)
    We have also had the joy and sadness of helping a good friend though a divorce (one she didn’t want) and I am so happy to say, I have been able to share God’s love and the need to have Him in our lives!
    I do firmly believe that God puts people in our lives to learn from and to teach them the things we know. I am so enjoying this experience it has been the best time in my life!
    Love you all Jilly oxoxo

  3. Ella

    I know what you mean about the snow, I also live in middle Tennessee and we’ve had more snow this year than I’ve seen in my life. 😀 It usually snows here in February too, so I’m sure we will get more. 🙂

    I’m thankful for everything! I’m really thankful for a warm house and yummy food this morning!