The last day of summer….. and I am thankful for the coming change in weather, my family.

My children are just precious. Like so many people right now we are really living tight. There isn’t money for much of anything. We try our best to reserve funds to take the children out to eat on Sunday, I know that’s more than a lot of people have and I am thankful for that!

But new clothes are needed all around and we will get the children some clothes, we just have to do it slowly, a little at a time. They never complain. We were late getting all the school books in which makes it to where they will have to work harder once all the books are here to catch up; they know this. Yet they never complain.

We’ve got two children in the youth group at Church now. That means they can’t do all the activities, We just can’t afford to send two kids to a movie and lunch after their service project. But they never complain.

So I am truly thankful for these children and the work that God is doing in them.

What are you thankful for?