I enjoy tea in the mornings, especially while sitting outside on the deck.  And I have definitely decided that I have a few preferred brands.  I like P&G Tips, English Breakfast, Earl Grey and lately I’ve discovered Shepherd’s Organic Bible Verse Tea. In the mornings I like the Chai but during the day I really like their Peach tea, iced.

Tea is something that I’ve always enjoyed as a treat and a pleasure. In the afternoons, its a way to bring a little peacefulness and beauty to a long, busy day.

We’ve had tea time at 4 ever since we started educating our children at home. Its a treat for us all and a way to sit and talk together for a while. In the cooler months we take our tea outside and enjoy the weather with our tea and food.

For breakfast though it brings a bit of elegance and satisfaction. I like to have toast with my homemade marmalade, a soft boiled egg and a cup or two of Earl Grey. That’s a perfect breakfast for me.