You may have seen my reviews here for The Last Pilgrims and W1CK.  Go ahead and read them now so you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll wait.

By the way… if you like the idea of reading an online version of the books but don’t have a Kindle, here is how you can get a FREE eReader to read all the Kindle books right on your own personal computer.  Free Amazon Reading Apps

So you see that I think those two books were really, really good.  I’m such a picky reader I don’t call books good unless they really are.

Now Michael Bunker has written a new book called W1CK 2 – The Charm School Oh my goodness. I was waiting eagerly for this book and I was so excited to start reading and then…. and then….. it surpassed my expectations.  I was drawn into the story again. I saw the characters in my mind and enjoyed every minute of it.

And not that I’m rubbing it in or anything, but I have gotten to pre-read W1CK 3 already for editing. Yes. You won’t believe what happens. I want W1CK 4 and 5 and on and on and on even though it might not be realistic to think the author will just keep on. But he might.

The series highlights issues of survival and preparedness, etc. and the series is leading towards an Agrarian centered conclusion in WICK 4 that ties it in with The Last Pilgrims.

So W1CK 2 – The Charm School is available NOW in either Kindle format or paperback.

AND W1CK 3 – Exodus will also be available  in E-Book format for the Kindle on Wednesday 3/13/2013

So if you go get either or any of these kindle books, W1CK ,   W1CK 2 – The Charm School,   W1CK 3: Exodus or The Last Pilgrims (Paperback) and use any of the links here, I’ll get a little monetary reward for that. If you don’t use my links, that’s fine. Just go read it. While you’re at it, get the other two books and read them first. Really, the W1CK 2 book can stand on its own but you’ll enjoy it soooo much more if you read the other two first.





The Last Pilgrims – paperback

W1CK – kindle

W1CK paperback

W1CK 2 – Charm School – kindle

W1CK 2 paperback

W1CK 3 – Exodus – kindle

Here is my review of W1CK 3: Exodus