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Scented Drawer Liners

Don’t you love how clean clothes smell? don’t you wish you could keep that fragrance longer? Don’t I sound like a commercial for fabric softener?

Here are instructions for making your own scented drawer liners. You can choose any fragrance you like. There are all kinds of fragrances out there, some that even smell like fabric softener. My favorite though is lavender. It can’t be beat for smelling fresh and clean for a long time.
Be sure to buy essential oils for the strongest, longest lasting fragrance. Fragrance oils can be used but won’t last as long.

Wall paper or wrapping paper
small glass dish
cotton balls

You will need some inexpensive wall paper OR you can use wrapping paper. Wall paper is thicker and more absorbent so it will usually work better and can be reused. Wrapping paper is a cheap alternative and can usually be replaced easily when the fragrance runs out.

These liners can be used for dresser drawers that hold clothing of course but you could put liners in any drawer; bathroom, kitchen or where ever you like.  You can even use fabric liners instead of paper. Of course you probably wouldn’t want to scent the fabric if you are using it in a clothes dresser. Essential oils could remain in the fabric and not evaporate and then stain your clothing.

Measure and cut your paper to fit your drawer. Do all the cutting first.
Mix some water in a 2:1 ratio with your essential oil. 2 parts water, 1 part oil. You will not need a whole bottle of essential oil for this. I recommend that you start with just a 1/2 tsp of oil in a small dish and then add the water.

Now, most people don’t have tiny little spray bottles lying around, so with the oil and water in a small dish, dip a cotton ball into the water/oil mixture, let it drip off and squeeze a little, because you don’t want it soaked….. and then gently brush the cotton ball over the BACK side of the paper. You can cover the whole surface of the paper or just spots, it depends on how much scent you want.

Let the paper dry completely. Then use it to line your dresser drawers or even your pantry drawers.


  1. heather

    wow what a great idea for scented draw liners. Theyre pretty cheap here in the UK, but maybe I’ll give them ago! many thanks!

  2. Amy Morgan

    Thanks for sharing this great idea. Have a wonderful day.

    I have also done this will those cardboard jewelery boxes. Dab the oil on the cotton inside the box and put into the drawer.

  3. Sylvia

    Angela, I think this would make a super gift! I have been thinking along the same lines. I thought I’d start by finding some really nice wrapping paper this week.

  4. Angela

    Awesome idea! I think I will be making this as gifts for some special people for Christmas. 🙂

  5. Helen

    Awesome Idea Sylvia!! Thank you!

  6. *~*~*Jilly*~*~*

    Thank you what a wonderful idea!! God bless you!