I really enjoyed W1CK 1 and was eagerly waiting for W1CK 2: The Charm School  …. I was SO not disappointed! This is a fine book, worthy of a movie in my opinion and I say that because sadly more people will watch a movie than read a book.  wickbook

W1CK 1 sets the stage for the Charm School and the quaint little village of Warwick. Warwick is only quaint on the surface however, even for the inhabitants. Underneath the surface, there is an insidious evil. Warwick has also produced an unlikely hero who takes up the mantle where Clay Richter left off in W1CK 1.

New characters appear in W1CK 2 and (thankfully) though the author doesn’t spend pages and pages developing a character, you know these people and can understand where many of their motives lie. Many of the characters are endearing and many are so interesting you wonder if there will be a book about *them*.

The very real idea of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack is part of the story and because it is a real possibility in the real world, the author explains what EMP are and what they do in a separate section of the book. Before I ever got to that section of the book, the idea of EMP had already sparked interesting discussion in my family when I mentioned it was part of the W1CK 2 story. Many parts of the story made me think about my own state of preparedness and how I live. Could I do what the characters in the story had to do on a moments notice?

Because he uses current and recent events in his story, the author has put together another great book that I can discuss with my 17 year old my 27 year old and my spouse. This is a feat in itself. Without crudity or vulgarity the author has crossed generational lines and pulled together a great story that will stand the test of time in SF circles.

Oh, and the teaser chapter for W1CK 3? The icing on the cake.

W1CK 2 – by Michael Bunker

W1CK 1  by Michael Bunker