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The approaching new year is a good time to do all kinds of inventory and searching. Its good to start new, clean and ready to hear the Lord’s direction for your life.  Even the most upright and honest of women need some soul searching and cleansing on a regular basis. 

When I think of being clean I can’t help but think of homemade soap.

The first time I made it by myself, it was mighty strong. When the soap hardened, it had a pink cast. I called my Grandmother and asked her about it. She said, “That means it has a a good scald. It will clean real good.”

What that really meant was that there was considerable lye left in the soap that didn’t saponify along with the fats. And it did scald, it burned my hands!

Real cleaning sometimes scalds. It can burn. It can hurt and break you down. But when its done you know you’re clean. You can focus on the important things in life. You can live a life that is pleasing to God.

Psalm 12  talks about how people don’t tell the truth and how they just don’t believe the Lord is true. You and I could probably agree that people who don’t tell the truth need  some cleansing.

Its about how they act like they love the Lord and have faith while being untruthful to others and how God’s word is always truthful and pure. It also talks about being two-faced toward God when we believe that God is not truthful and pure.

“Every man speaks deceit…”

I’d say every woman too, the Bible includes all of mankind in most place where it mentions “Man” in general. So from here on out I’m going to say, “women” and “woman”.

What this means is that women cover themselves with hypocrisy and lies and hide their true intentions.  What we say is so important to God. He is concerned with what women speak because that is how we communicate with other people.

“The words of God are pure words … purified seven times … “

What the psalmist is tell us here is that God always speaks truth, His words are always pure. And later in the psalm we’re shown that women who go right on praising God and worshiping Him until the time when God’s promises are delayed and then assume that He isn’t keeping His promises because He hasn’t answered yet,  are in actuality accusing God of not hearing their prayers and not being truthful.

Can you imagine accusing God?  That’s what the psalmist says we do when we say to ourselves that He isn’t keeping His promises to us.

John Calvin said, “There is no truth which is more generally received among men than that God is true; but there are few who frankly give Him credit for this when they are in the midst of adversity.”

So the questions I want us to ask ourselves are these:

*Do I realize that God really is good all the time, or do I quietly, silently accuse Him of not caring about me when I don’t get the things I think I need?

*Does my faith go up and down with what I have and the blessings I receive from God? Or is my faith steadfast and strong no matter what is happening in my life?

*Is my speech sincere?

*Is my heart upright?

Something that really can help us to grow in faith is to recount the times that God has helped us in our need; the times when God has shown us the way or has filled a need in our hearts. When we recount these things, we can look back and see how God has been truthful and faithful.

I know women who would say that God hasn’t done a thing for them … they would say that God has not been faithful in their lives. I always counsel these women to look at their lives and see if they have been living for God and to see if they have disobeyed God in some way.  If there is disobedience in their lives then He is waiting for them to come to repentance.

God is highly concerned about our spiritual state, more so than He is concerned that we are “happy”.

Don’t misunderstand me here. When you need to teach your own children an important life lesson, are you concerned at that moment that they are happy … or are you concerned that they are obedient?

Repentance must come first. Apply the harsh soap of repentance. Your relationship with God must be restored so that God can speak His truth into your life.

Start your new year off right. Pour your heart out to God. Repent of what ever He is calling you to repent of. Stop being wishy-washy about your faith in Him.

Lord, I want to live a life where I speak truth and a life that honors You. I want to worship You out of a full and pure heart.  Help me to see any area where I need to repent so that I can continue in fellowship unhindered with You.  Help me to recount the ways You have helped me and sustained me in the past. Cause me to start afresh, brand new with a clean heart and willing spirit. Help me trust You to provide for me and take care of me in the future. Amen.


  1. Bonnie

    Just what I needed to read..been thinking about cleansing and cleaning in the New Year!

    Thanks Sylvia:}

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    This is a great post! I’ll be sharing it!! =]
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