If you’re like most women, you have struggled with getting it all done:  the housework, cooking, running errands and the laundry.  If you’re a mom of many children, then I know you have laundry – and lots of it!  It seems to multiply faster than rabbits.  Years ago, I was so thrilled to see the bottom of an empty laundry basket, I took a picture of it as proof that, at least once, I had all the laundry done! :-)I have girls, and believe it or not, they are not the worst as changing clothes multiple times a day.  My 6 year old son is just as bad.  I’ve often thought they were on a mission to wear each and every article of clothing they own daily, just because!  They can change clothes so fast, it should be an olympic sport – of which I’m sure, they’d take home the gold, bronze AND silver!  😉

So how did I manage to tame the laundry and put an end to its rabbit-like reproduction in the laundry basket?  Well, obviously I laid down some new rules about changing clothes.  Then I got all caught up with the laundry – taking a whole entire day, and enlisting the help of my hubby and all the children to pull off the monumental task.  Then I began doing laundry daily.  Yes – every single day, I do laundry.  I get up in the morning, gather up all the clothes that we wore the day before, whatever PJ’s, towels, etc… that need washing and I start a load.  At this point, with my oldest three children now gone, we’re down to only five of us and my daily laundry usually consists of only one or two loads.  I do have an extra two loads on the days I change sheets and/or wash rugs.  But generally, I only have one or two loads daily.

Aside from empty laundry baskets each day, I’ve noticed another cost-saving benefit:  we need less clothes!  If I’m washing our clothing every day (except Sunday, when I rest), we don’t run out of clothes, and thus, don’t need as many outfits.  This is a good case for buying quality clothing that can withstand multiple washings.  I shop frequently at resale shops for the children, so can find very good quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. And because of my laundry washing system, I don’t have to buy everyone 10-14 outfits so they have ‘enough’ to last, because the laundry might not get done and they’d run out of clothes.

This system may not be news to many of you, but it sure has blessed me and my family, and I bet it will yours too.