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Quiet Days

Our Christmas celebrations are over now and they were so enjoyable. Company, good food, games and laughter abounded. There was much eating and drinking of sweet tea and hot cocoa. There was much playing with new toys by grandchildren and their parents alike.

These things mean so much to me. I hope my family knows how much I love to be with them, I am devoting myself to telling and showing them this in the coming months.

It’s time for me to settle down a bit. We had snow and it was very quiet for a while. Now it is warmer and raining. A pot of tea, some Belgian chocolates and a good book are next on my list. Then some thought to the spring and garden. Will there be a garden this year? I don’t know yet.


  1. Betty Jean Burchett

    Praying you rest and refresh. ❤

  2. Patty

    You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. Taking time to rest and renew is so important. Love you!