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Preparing Children For Disaster

The 21st Century Homekeeper – August 25, 2012, 5 pm central

The 21st Century Homekeeper: Bringing old-fashioned skills into the 21st Century

How do you prepare children for disasters without frightening them or causing them to live each day stressed and worried? How can you involve your children or grand children in your prepping and should you involve them? Sylvia and her guest Donna Miller from Miller’s Grain House and Your Preparation Station will explore both of these questions and offer some helpful ideas for you and your children on Saturday, August 25 at 5 pm central on The 21st Century Homekeeper

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  1. Jilly

    This is such wisdom!

    It is so much harder on the family when something bad happens! It is much better for all to be prepared! We hope and pray for the best; however need to also live prepared! Always trusting that God has our lives in His hands and He knows best and He will bring us and our families through the good times and the hard!
    Jilly oxoxo
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  2. yvonne

    Sylvia, what kinds of disasters are you talking about? Earthquake and Hurricane etc, those kinds of disasters? I am so very interested in what your writing about but sitting here in my little house in a quiet part of the UK it doesn’t really compute! kwim? Is this mainly for your American audience?

    • Sylvia

      Yes, those kinds of disasters and more; job loss, illness, death of a wage-earner, fire, ice storms and all kinds of natural disasters. Also, economic disasters, war and the economic repercussions and other man-made disasters like chemical spills, etc.
      There are all kinds of things that can happen and instead of chatting with children about all the types of disasters and instilling fear, I believe we can prepare for any kind of disaster in general and give our children instruction in what to do and what the family will do if some disaster strikes. Knowledge and preparation empowers children and keeps them from despairing and from fear.

  3. S. Davis

    Would love to see text/transcripts from your broadcasts. Thank you.

    • Sylvia

      Hi, Thanks for stopping by, There are no transcripts of the radio show for now, sorry.