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Peace and Prepare

If you’ve come here to read in years past, I’ve been here since about 1997, you know that I am big on being prepared for any emergency. That’s what my podcasts and radio shows are about and what I write a lot about as well.

When our children were home, they’re all adults now, I had a lot of people to prepare for. My husband and I wanted to make sure we had what we might need if certain things weren’t available – like electricity and water, grocery store food, medicine, etc. We’re still preppers here although now there are just two of us.

There is a difference between Preparing and Hoarding. Hoarding means you aren’t planning or preparing you’re acting out of fear or some other emotion and the things you buy aren’t calculated and meaningful. If you are hoarding, you haven’t planned how to store or use what you’ve bought, and you don’t have a plan for those things. It means you run out and buy 30 cases of TP with no idea of how to store and you haven’t given consideration to other needs you and your family may have, you may have shot your whole budget on TP.

On the other hand, Preparing means you have calculated what is needed and you’ve planned how to store it, use it and most importantly, anywhere possible you have figured out how to make it or grow it instead of buy it.

I’m a Christian and I know that the Word of God says that we are not to be afraid of whatever comes our way. There are going to be situations in life that cause us to fear. It’s the normal human response. But the Christian response has to be to take it to the Lord and ask for His grace and courage.

Since we don’t know how long we’ll be in this holding pattern, my plan is to come here every day or so and give you some tips that will help you maintain your household and bring some order and peace to your home. As the Homekeeper, it’s up to you to set the whole attitude and “tone” of your household. The first thing you can do is to plan. Sit down today and write down your needs, ideas and wants. You may need homeschooling ideas, you may need recipes or storage ideas. You can find all of that here and elsewhere online.

If you have questions, ask them here! I’ll answer every one of them. If you are on Facebook you might want to go to the Christian Homekeeper facebook group where there are hundreds of Christian women who help each other through times like this. Either way, Lord willing, I’ll be back to give you anything I have to help. Here’s the link to the group:


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  1. Debbie west

    In planning for 12 girls (unless they are pulled for financial reasons) and three staff what would be the top 5-10 things you would focus on most?