Here is a list of all our curriculum for this year. I am adding it here in hopes that it will help some of you who are searching for ideas and information and perhaps help you see what these particular curriculum choices are like.

5th Grader:

Math-U-See Gamma

For History we are reading selections from A Child’s History Of The World which go along with the 9th grader’s history topics so that we can have a class discussion about various topics and ideas. I will include map work using the Tapsetry of Grace maps, and also hands on work using TOG Fine Arts lessons.

My 5th grader will begin Latin this year with the 9th grader, she is ready for it, though most of her work will be vocabulary words.

Science this year will be selected reading from The Usborne Science Encyclopedia and adding worksheets, experiments from various online sites and class discussion.  You can also find the Usborne Science Encyclopedia in the Internet Linked version so that all the searching is done for you!  The Amazon description says: “Designed for the Internet generation, this reference book includes a thousand recommended Web sites, providing a gateway to the vast amount of knowledge on the Internet. The specially selected Web sites aim to enrich the content with video, animation, sound, interactive experiments and on-line quizzes.”

Science also consists of a nature Notebook that my students work on all year long. A description of nature Notebooks can be found here and for a look at an internet Nature Notebook look here.  We just use blank pages in a sketch book for our notebooks but you can get really fancy and do it like this.  I guess the ultimate Nature Notebook is this book.

Spelling, vocabulary and Copywork (copywork is for handwriting practice and for exposure to the writings of great men and women) will be accomplished through Spelling Widsom book #1.

We will be using Pathway Readers 5th Grade English this year called Living Together.  A more indepth grammar program can be found at Rod and Staff in the R&S 5th Grade English program, Following The Plan.  I have used that for some of my 5th graders and have found that I like the Pathway better. The R&S program is much like public school grammar texts so if that is what you are after, it might be a good choice for your 5th grader.

9th Grader:




History The world during the 1800’s. This will satisfy his world history requirement.

Spelling, Vocabulary and Copywork

English 1 – Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends.  We will be using several books and online information.  We will use the site MacBeth’s Opinion for their suggestions.  The books we will be using to start the year are:

A Landscape With Dragons

The Natural History Of Make-Believe

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

The Blue Fairy Book

The Orange Fairy Book

The Brown Fairy Book

Various other fairy story books to compare.

So that’s the year pretty much.   I do have some field trips in mind including theater performances and historical tours.

What are you using this year? Are you finding everything you need?  Are you having trouble deciding?