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On My Mind Friday

This is a new feature at CHK.  You can participate by making a blog post with a picture of something that is on your mind about your home. It can be something you’re doing, something your thinking of doing or anything else that is on your mind about your home!

After you’ve made your blog post, you can come back here and share a link so we can all see your picture and read your entry.

Here’s whats on my mind today:

Yep. Soap. I’ve made a big batch of soap to give for Christmas presents and I am trying to figure out how I want to wrap them. I love being able to make soap for our use at home and to give. I know a lot of women even make and sell soap. I used to sell it, too. What a wonderful way to make some extra income.

Making soap is something that has really caught on lately and more women are making it at home for themselves. If you don’t make soap. You should try it. A good thing way to start making soap if you’ve never made it, is to make homemade laundry detergent. You can find my recipe Here. It’s simple and works wonderfully. You can find some observations about the soap and its performance here.


  1. *~*~*Jilly*~*~*

    Enjoying time with my family!!

  2. *~*~*Jilly*~*~*

    Finishing our bedroom is mostly on my mind at the moment and praise God it is getting done! However my back is so incredible sore at the moment I don’t think I will get a lot done today! However that said my Hubby has just given me Panadol so I may spend the rest of the day embroidering our quilt for our new room!!! Oops!.……… and watching some T.V.
    God bless you good!

  3. Sylvia

    LOL Cindy 🙂

  4. Cindy W

    Okay, I tried the link again and it worked. Now, however, at this time of day, the only thing on MY mind is sleep.

  5. Sylvia

    Monica, I went to your site and really liked what’s on your mind! 🙂 Its kind of on mine too….

  6. Sylvia

    Thanks Wardee!

    Cindy I hope you can get in there now. 🙂

  7. Wardee

    Cindy — Go ahead and try that link again. It is working now. 🙂

    Very nice, Sylvia! I need to make soap. We’re almost out!

  8. Monica

    Unfinished space is what is on my mind this Friday…come see!


  9. Cindy W

    I tried the link for the recipe and it didn’t work.

    I have wanted to try soapmaking but have not done so. Maybe that can be a goal for 2011!