On the next 21st Century Homekeeper radio program ~ Join me and my guest Shannon Stonger from Nourishing Days snowflake 21st  2Blog.

Shannon is a wife, mother and homesteader living in central Texas. This is a wonderfully encouraging show, especially if you are thinking of homesteading or living off-grid. Shannon shares her story of how she and her husband decided to leave Michigan for a homestead in central Texas.

Find out how Shannon manages everything she needs to do each day and her children as well, what she grows and what their future plans are.  Lots of great information and encouragement in this show!

The 21st Century Homekeeper ~ January 19th, 5 pm central

That same link can be used at any time after it first airs to listen any time!

Shannon has two wonderful eBooks you should check out too……..


Click here to visit Nourishing Days.


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