Its time to start getting your supplies gathered in for Thanksgiving. All dry goods can be purchased ahead of time and most perishable things will be fine refrigerated or frozen til TG week. A more detailed list and instructions for this week are available in the CHK Thanksgiving Planner, but here are some good ideas for preparing for Thanksgiving.

This is the week to make a list of grocery items you need for the meal. Don’t forget to plan at least three post-TG meals for your family. Easy things like soups, sandwiches, salads, leftovers will be a help to you in the days after the TG holiday.

You can get your turkey this week if you get a frozen one. However if you normally use a fresh turkey and haven’t already ordered it, you can try to order it this week. After this week fresh turkeys will be very difficult to find.

If possible, it is handy to make a place in your pantry or cabinet for all your non-perishable TG items so they won’t get used in the day to day cooking before the holiday. Even a basket under a table can be used to hold all the canned and dry goods you will use on TG.

This week and next you can spread out your Thanksgiving Meal budget by purchasing a few things each week and adding them to your Thanksgiving stash.

When all your shopping is done you will be ready to start cooking ahead next week!