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Monday Again

You know how everyone hates to see Monday coming?  The advent of Monday rings the death knell of the weekend for most folks. Back to work, back to school, back to the grind.

I like Mondays.  A LOT.  Mondays are pretty much my day of rest. After a busy week, a weekend of running here and there with husband and children, working at Church on Sundays, Monday signals my official day off.

Oh, we do educate at home and we still have lessons on Monday. But I rarely have to leave the house and I can focus on things that I enjoy doing, that I don’t get to do throughout the week.  Like sewing and organizing, reading and reading. Oh, did I say that twice?  And there’s reading.

Do you have a day of rest?

If you choose Sunday as your day of rest or Sabbath, do you actually “Rest” on that day?  If you don’t, then why not?

If you don’t have a day off every week, do you need one?


  1. Jen

    No real days of rest here. Since my job requires me to work weekends, I don’t have a set day of rest. I am hoping that if I can get back into the school district, that we can make Sunday a day of rest.

  2. Tina Lahr

    Sunday is very busy for me. Sunday School and church in the mornings. A nice Sunday lunch with the family and then back to church for evening activities. I do enjoy Mondays. I can get back to my routine. The rest of the week and weekend is driving the taxi where my son needs to go.

  3. Becca

    Sundays do tend to be my day of rest. I don’t really do laundry or house cleaning that day. There is caring for my 3 kids, but I try to have my Sundays be church in the morning and quiet activities at home for the rest of Sunday. Some times it’s watching football. Some times it’s reading. I also like to have 1 day a week be a very low effort dinner and that helps my mental attitude a lot. My current fave is frozen tilapia and rice with raw carrots; good nutrition and LOW effort.

  4. Sylvia

    Hang in there, Amanda! Yes, it could happen! 😀 I have five children and I know what it is NOT to be able to find any rest. 🙂 Mine are almost all grown now and I’m discovering all kinds of rest.

  5. Amanda Jones

    With a six year old I feel like I never have a day of rest. Still have to take down the Christmas tree and decor. I hope once my son is older I will get to enjoy a day of rest….please tell me it could happen! lol