Make your own Napkins…..

Making napkins isn’t hard at all, it doesn’t even have to include any sewing! Cloth napkins saves money spent on paper towels and paper napkins and helps you do your part in saving our earth’s resources.

You can choose to hem your napkins or use a pair of pinking shears to make a decorative edging without sewing.

For every 4 napkins you will need one yard of 45″ wide fabric. This will give you plenty of room for hemming if you want to hem, and a little extra fabric if you don’t want to hem. You could always make the napkins a bit bigger if you’re not hemming.

Wash the fabric and dry it. Press it so that it lies flat and has no wrinkles.

You can make your napkins any size you like, but I recommend making them a generous 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 ”

* Cut your fabric into 17 inch squares. I use a yard stick and pencil to draw the lines right on the fabric. Then you can use a cutting wheel or scissors to cut out each napkin.
* Lay your fabric right side down and fold the first edge up 1/4 inch. Crease with your finger all the way across, or use an iron to press it down. Fold the fabric again another 1/4 inch and pin as you go. Do each side this way. You may mitre the corners if you like and know how to do it.
* Stitch down all the edges. I backstitch at both ends.

If you want to skip the sewing, cut the napkins out with pinking shears for a decorative look. Use Fray Stop™ or Fray Block ™ around the edges to stop the threads from pulling.