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Lots Of Questions Answered, Saturday, August 18

Saturday, August 18, I’ll be answering lots of questions on

The 21st Century Homekeeper Radio program

Here’s some of the topics I’ll cover:

How to make:
Green salve
Calendula salve
Jewelweed salve
Plantain and Comfrey salve
My resources for fresh dried herbs
My container sources
Decorating on a tight budget   – ideas and encouragement
Apple butter recipe
Apple Jelly recipe
Smokehouses –
cold smoke
hot smoke
smoking cheese and eggs


  1. LeeAnna

    I missed a small portion at the beginning did you give a recipe for jewel weed salve? I have been needing to learn about it and haven’t seemed to have much luck so far.

    • Sylvia

      The jewelweed salve is made with the same basic salve instructions that I gave for the green salve or calendula blossom salve. You put your jewelweed in a heavy sauce pan, just cover with oil of your choice, then simmer for 1-3 hours. After that, you’ll add about 2 ounces of shredded beeswax. Pour it into your containers and allow to cool undisturbed. If its too soft you can remelt and add more beeswax.

  2. LeeAnna

    Just finished listening to the broadcast and I really enjoyed it. It was the first I have listened to live and I plan to listen to more, so glad I didn’t miss it.

    • Sylvia

      LeeAnna, I’m really glad you got to listen and that you enjoyed it! Thank you for letting me know.