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Little Girls

Being a little girl seems to be much different from what it was when I was young. I guess it is to be expected, times are certainly different. I am pro-woman, I hope that all girls will pursue their dreams and callings. But there is just something sweet and homey about a little girl playing with her doll.

I know a few little girls and most of them don’t play with dolls. I see a lot of dolls in stores though so someone is buying them. I don’t think playing with dolls has gone completely out of fashion.

Dolls were a favorite of mine and actually they still are. I think I got my last doll when I was 16. It was a porcelain doll and I still have her. It was a while ago but I think I was almost 13 years old when I finally stopped playing with my Barbie dolls.

So it’s really nice that my youngest granddaughter (not including the one who is on the way) still loves baby dolls. She is 4 years old and I hope she will continue to love dolls a while longer.

For Christmas I bought her a baby doll that came with a bathtub and her PawPaw (my husband) made her a baby bed. She was in love at first sight and is so tender with the doll.

Times change but can we still say that it is healthy and desirable for little girls to play with baby dolls? I think it teaches them how to be with real children and babies. It is a natural impulse for most girls to care for a doll and good practice for real life.

I’m old fashioned I know. But in this case I think I’m right.


  1. Andrea Farmer

    I dearly love seeing you share your wisdom and love, flowing through simple words, that are so much more Sylvia. You are such a good teacher Sylvia! I love you dearly my friend.

    BTW, I love to sit and play with our grandchildren for hours – plastic farm animals from Rural King to dinosaurs to babydolls in our pretend hospital treating booboos and sore throats to paper dolls we drew and cut out together, playing hopscotch on the sidewalk, or chasing butterflies, making banana muffins for Mommie and Daddy a special treat for them for when they get in from work, and snuggles with a good book or humming a made-up tune. Moments matter

  2. Leslie Dawn Neagle

    You’re so right it’s our God given gift 💝 I use to play the mom in my dirt floor garage with my two younger brothers. We were blessed with a wonderful mom & so I grew up with a focus in my heart ♥️ that being a mom was the highest calling.

  3. Patty

    I completely agree with you! I love seeing my 2 yr old granddaughter playing with her babydoll. And i hope she continues as long as she wants.

    • Betty Jean Burchett

      I agree. The Lord made little girls as girls and boys as boys. Nurturing comes naturally.