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It’s Been A While

I haven’t dropped off the ends of the earth. I’ve just been super busy. I don’t know when I won’t be busy so I made time today to come in here and write a bit.

Fall has arrived here in middle Tennessee. The mornings are cool and misty and the colors are gradually changing from greens to yellow, red and oranges.

Fall is my favorite season and it always has been, since I was a child. Even though school started and summer ended, I was that child who reveled in fall.

We started school the second week of September so it wasn’t long before the leaves started changing and the weather lost it’s hot temper.

I was the child who was ready for sweaters and boots, for walks in the woods and collecting leaves that I would put in albums. I drew pictures and painted pictures of the leaves and trees.

Later I acquired a camera and took most of my favorite pictures in the fall. I enjoyed visiting and talking to relatives and cooking something with Mother. I liked fuzzy hats and mittens.

Though my freckled face, brown skin and blonde hair told the story that I stayed out in the sun all day long, I didn’t miss summer at all. I waved goodbye to it over my shoulder and had my eyes set on fall.

Looking out my office doors today, I see a beautiful orange leaved tree and several that are red and different shades of yellow. Those colors make me happy and they are the ones I chose for our wedding and also for our first home.

Later, when I was ill, my Mother redecorated my kitchen and dining room with those ubiquitous geese with Cape Cod blue ribbons. And I liked it a lot but eventually I came back to the reds of fall.

And it isn’t too chilly yet to go barefoot, I’m still barefoot most of the day. I do wear my house shoes in the early mornings though.

My husband had a stroke in September, it was not a major stroke but enough that he can’t work right now and is in speech therapy. I knew in my heart it was coming and I told him so. But like so many people, he didn’t listen and didn’t change anything so here we are.

He is improving and I am very thankful for that. He’s sad that he can’t work but he is intent on improving as much as he possibly can.

Fall is a hard time to recover from anything, I think.  The weather often forces you indoors and the sun doesn’t shine with the same intensity. So it’s easier to feel down in the fall. I pray for my husband daily that he’ll stay chipper and focused on recovery and not succumb to the fall and winter doldrums.

Throughout all the events of September and October, God has been my ever present help and I lean on Him minute by minute. His strength and His grace is mine every day.  So much grace. I reach out daily and grab it and hold it to my heart and give thanks.

For now, I am preparing myself to enjoy the fall season with all my whole self.  We took a drive out into the country today and ate at a mom & pop place we like.

The weather was perfect and I drove just a little under the speed limit with the windows down so we could enjoy the air.  The leaves are beautiful out away from the city. However, there are some spots in our town where the leaves and old buildings are a glorious sight! Just look at this one:

My mind is already thinking of crafty items to make for gifts and warm, filling meals for the coming cold weather.

There have been falls and winters of late when I have felt alone and cold, where I mourned friendship and purpose.

I am determined not to mourn this year but to revel again like I did when I was a child, drawing, painting, walking, cooking, baking and talking to loved ones.


  1. Leslie Dawn Neagle

    Sylvia, Yes husbands do do their own thing! Lead themselves their way and fortunately look to Jesus in time of trouble. Praying for your husband to be refreshed in the green pastures this Lovely Fall weather God grants us His children to lay down in. (((hugs)))

  2. Terri Jorgensen

    I just love this blog so much!

  3. Steph

    Hugs from the Rockies where it’s been snowing for two days. I, too, loaded up on cross stitch projects and scrapbooking supplies to get through my least favorite, very long season. I will lift hubby and you in prayer. Why are men not proactive with their health? I can see my man going in the same direction because of his diet. It’s good to “see” you again.