I’m having a really good summer. I thought I’d count my blessings today, at least some of them…… 

We’ve been able to buy groceries and pay the bills all summer.  Its been extremely hot but the air conditioner has done its job well and the days it was straining we’ve run some fans.

I’ve had some headaches this summer but we have ibuprofen and acetamenophen to take care of that. I’ve also had some asthma problems but thankfully there is medicine for that as well and I was able to get it.

All my children are healthy. They know they are loved even when they don’t get to do some of the things they want to do. We’ve been able to clothe and feed them as well.

We have two dogs and three cats that are often very enjoyable to watch and play with. In some countries I’ve been to they don’t understand having a dog or cat as a pet because it means another mouth to feed and care for. Dogs are scavengers and garbage cleaner-uppers. Cats are mouse and rat catchers.

We’ve had running water all summer!  Its nice that its somewhat cold too because sometimes in the summer its warm coming out of the faucet. When it is warm I usually put some in the frig to get cold. Its really nice to get a big glass of fresh, cold water in the summer.

We planted a garden this year like we do most years. We have been getting beans, tomatoes, squash and okra, herbs, onions and lots of pretty flowers.  I could eat squash every day! And I almost have been.

Another thing that has been so nice about this summer is that I have the freedom to sit and read, read, read ….. read.   I have already gone through 12 books this summer.  I have a whole bunch more on an e-reader and several from the library.  There are free books available all over the net for e-readers, btw.

Sometimes I don’t know why God blesses me like this, except that in His Word He promises that He will provide what I need and that He is my Father. Not like an earthly father who will fail me in some way, but the most perfect, ideal Father I could ever want.

All summer long I have listened to beautiful music. I can listen online, on a dvd player or use a cd. I have a few favorites and I can play them over and over to my heart’s content.

I’ve enjoyed watching the birds outside the windows this summer. They like to eat the cat’s food. The cats are not happy about it but they are afraid of the birds.

It was easier than I expected to pick out curriculum this year for the children. This is our 21st year of home educating.  I guess I am getting good at choosing curriculum finally!

I haven’t run out of things to be thankful for….. I just need to get moving.  What are you thankful for? Can you count your blessings?