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It Happens

Buying things online is a blessing and a curse. If it goes well, it’s great and when it doesn’t….. it can be a real bummer.

I ordered spring and summer clothing from Full Beauty which includes stores like Jessica London, Roamans, WomanWithin and others. It was a lot of money for me, my entire clothes budget for spring and summer. For the store it was too much to loose but they aren’t concerned with me for sure.

Any way, I got an email telling me that my package had been delivered. Nope. I waited all day because sometimes delivery services like Fed Ex in this case, mark their packages “delivered” before they actually deliver them. But it never showed up.

The next day I tried to contact Fed Ex, nope you have to contact the seller. So I contacted Jessica London/Full Beauty.  They said they’d send me an affidavit to fill out and return. It came in my email the next day.

The affidavit also required a police report!  Even though no crime had been committed, the package wasn’t stolen. Guess how I knew?? The photo the delivery person left was not of my porch. No where near.

My Porch

The porch where the package was left

So I filled it out and I called the local police, non-emergency line. Nope, they won’t file a crime report unless a crime has been committed. I knew that. I put that on the affidavit.

Just when I was resigned to having to send the thing today, my neighbor came walking down the road with my package! They had left it at his back door, I couldn’t see that porch from the road so I didn’t know! I did go looking all over the neighborhood for “The Porch”.

I’m so thankful for honest neighbors. Its so nice to know that there are still kind people in my neighborhood. I’m so thankful to have my work clothes finally.

But I still feel a caution about ordering online. I really prefer using Paypal or other service like that because then, you have recourse if something goes afoul. Your number can’t be stolen and you can remove businesses and people from your auto payments at places like Paypal. The business I used this time didn’t have that option.

I had my credit card number stolen a few years ago and used at a Nordstroms.  When the bank called I told them, ‘Uh, I’ve never shopped at a Nordstroms, I can’t afford to go inside a Nordstroms.” She laughed and said her too. The bank refunded my money.

I have never had much trouble at Amazon and I order most everything from them except groceries and the occasional piece of clothing. I once had a cup and saucer come as a gift from a relative and it was broken but it was replaced quickly and no questions asked.

The main trouble I have is with DELIVERY. Wrong address, merchandise never showing up or showing up days and days later after an email says it was delivered. That has happened a LOT.  Never with Amazon though.

Do you shop online much? What have been your experiences with it?

Is there somewhere we should avoid shopping online?? Delivery services to avoid?

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  1. Peggy Carr

    I order from Amazon a lot. I also order clothes from the clearance rack at The Vermont Country Store. The quality is excellent and the fit is consistant. Blair is good too but I’m careful with what I order from them. I have always sewed all my clothes but after my first round with cancer I found it very nerve wracking to use the machine. I’m glad you got your pkg. ❤