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In Which I Bite Off More Than I Can Chew

window cleaning

Oh Spring Cleaning how I love thee and how I loathe thee. But I’m doing it anyway and though it may be more than I can chew at one time, I can spread it out over a few months.

I have officially been cleaning this little house since the first of January. Not not really the first, the second. I am not superstitious but my Mother was apparently, or maybe she was just wily.  She said her mother told her that if you sweep or vacuum or clean on the first of January you’ll sweep all your money away for the year.  Its a good way to get the day off I guess.

Anyway. So I’ve been cleaning like crazy. One reason, and I admit it, is because the Ladies Group at Church was coming over to my house for dinner and Bible study and fellowship. They came, it was wonderful. I love those ladies. And my house was clean.

The other reason is that I read this article.  Oh my, yes that article.  About Death Decluttering. Just Google it. And seriously taking into consideration the real stress and trouble my husband’s late Mother’s estate has been,  I felt determined to get rid of this STUFF.

Death Decluttering is an unfortunate name.  Its sounds worse than it is. Its a rough translation from Swedish. Don’t think cut-throat murder, think a gentle saying goodbye. I think that’s much better than nastying away.

And its better than leaving all this STUFF that no one wants for my children to have to deal with. So I have been going through ALL of it now and giving away anything that doesn’t give me joy, bring happiness or pay for its self in use.  That’s hard for me because I already haven’t bought anything for years that doesn’t bring me happiness or is useful.

But I am doing it and I have made great headway.  Its a leeeeedle more difficult for my husband. We won’t go into that here.

But my junk and stuff?  Its fading fast.  And I LIKE IT.

So, take a look at all my Spring Cleaning articles, look at the room by room decluttering  and the Room Cleaning Systems too and see if any of it is of use.

You might want the Spring Cleaning eBook.    Its $3.00    14 pages of help, 13 extra pages of printable lists


  1. Linda

    I always feel like my home needs a deep cleaning after the holidays. I like to start in January, then by warm weather I’m done and can start on the yard.
    We have inherited so many things from both sides of our families that I’ve had to start going through them.
    I’m trying to save my children some work after I’m gone.

    • Sylvia

      I completely understand! We’ve had a few things passed down to us too, not much but enough that its got me thinking!