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Homemade Stock

Homemade Stock using turkey carcass…..  

2 turkey carcasses (or how ever many you have)



onion, peeled

water to cover

splash of apple cider vinegar (to draw the mineral out of the bones)


Let it simmer for several hours. Strain, freeze or can. Use for soups or any recipe calling for stock.

When it cools the stock will have a gelatinous top layer. This layer is full of protein and exceptionally delicious.  Its very nourishing for people who are ill.


  1. Mary

    I would like to order all of your e-books , cooking, thanksgiving book, inventory, spring cleaning, etc. but looks like I can only do it one at a time at 5.00 for each. Is there a way I can order all at one time instead of going through each one at a time? or if I can just order them in paperback i would do that.
    Thank you for your imput on this.

    • Sylvia

      Mary, right now I can only offer them one at a time. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.