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I just watched a video about a 72 year old woman in Massachusetts who was homeless for a year because she was evicted with a “no-fault” eviction, which means, “Eh, we just don’t want you to live here any more because we can get a lot more money from someone else”. Then she couldn’t afford anything else that was available.

What Happens When You Lose Your Home at 72 in Amesbury, MA

The video made me cry. I felt so bad for her. Knowing what it’s like to be in my 60s I can’t imagine being homeless and alone, especially in my 70s. She did end up getting some help to afford an apartment and I’m really glad of that.

The video got me to feeling very thankful for our little house and the fact that it is paid for. I don’t really think we could afford rent or a mortgage now. I am so thankful about how God has provided for us.

When you get to feeling like you don’t have enough or that what you have isn’t good enough, what do you do? Do you stress about it? Get sad? Feel jealous of what others have? Feel angry or deprived?

My advice is to remember the woman in the video. There are thousands of other women and men in her shoes and God loves them. He is working in their lives even in these hard times they’re in.

You though, do you think about what you DO have? Do you think about how you have been blessed and taken care of through all the rough things of life? Be thankful. Give thanks.

It’s true that God doesn’t take us out of the trials of the world and bad things do happen to us. Some people just can’t get over that. They think a God wouldn’t allow His people to suffer.

Bad things and hard things sometimes hurt a lot, this is life. We’re here for a purpose. He allows us to experience these bad things and uses them in our lives to make us the people we are supposed to be, to reflect Jesus. I’ve seen that play out in my own life, I know it is true.

I’m just so glad that He preserves us through them and I think He shows us just what is important in life as we travel with Him through it. I am giving thanks today and every day that He has always been faithful and good. I hope you do too.


  1. Julie M Booker

    The things I am most grateful for are my home, a comfy bed and food in my belly. I thank God every day for those items. Homelessness is a true fear of mine but we do have a place thats paid for and I am grateful for that too. It is the small things that mean so much.

    • Patricia

      Yes ma’am. Everyday I thank and praise Him for His goodness and mercy and just blessing me to see another day to bless His name. This morning, on my walk, I thanked Him for the activity of my limbs and the beauty of His creation.