Cleaning your coffee maker is easy! A clean coffee maker makes better coffee, too.

Remove any used coffee grounds and liners from the basket.
Wash the pot with soap and water, rinse well and replace in the coffee maker.
Check the inside of the machine. Sometimes mold can grow in the reservoir. A lot of this mold can’t be removed with just a vinegar bath and should be cleaned with a clean soft cloth and baking soda.
Fill the reservoir with 1/2 cup white vinegar and the rest of the way with water.
Allow the cycle to run until all the water has run through the coffee maker into the pot.
If your coffee maker is very soiled you might want to repeat that step again.
Now run a full pot of clear water through the coffee making cycle.
Run a full pot of water through it again.
Next, using a soft clean cloth and the surface cleaner of your choice (baking soda is a good choice for this), clean the outside of the pot and machine.