Some few days ago, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for us.  I beat him by a week or more. Its just a prediction, a prognostication, if you will, but as I passed the front picture window in my house several days ago, there was a sign.

There was still some snow on the ground and it was cold but not frigid as it had been.  It was a balmy 35 degrees F and the snow was melting fast.

There in my front yard were not one, not two, but four American robin birds! These birds are not migratory but they are short-term migratory.  In other words, they go where the food is. The  song of the American Robin is my favorite of all the song bird songs. It is part of all my springs and summers since childhood.

When I see them return after winter, I know that spring is on the way.

Another sign are the rabbits coming to nibble on the new shoots in the yard and garden.  Once they have their babies, they’ll be out frequently and I may be able to get some pictures.

And finally, the most anticipated harbinger of spring here are the daffodil shoots coming up. Some came up while there was snow on the ground.  Now that the daily temperatures are in the 60s they’re coming up fast.

We’re 60 degrees today and I am headed for the deck with a cup of tea. Join me?