I want to share with you a site I’ve found and some of the tastiest freeze dried blueberries ever.  Jan LeBaron over at Healthy Harvest sent me some freeze dried blueberries to try and review…..and wow!

I’ve never had freeze dried blueberries. In fact, I’ve never had freeze dried fruit of any kind except the strawberries that come in some cereals. The can of blueberries was so lightweight, I could hear them rattling around in there but it weighed almost nothing. I opened the can up and the aroma of blueberries was exquisite!

We snacked on some dry right out of the can, Really tasty. Then I added water to some per the instructions and let them sit for a while. They plumped up and were very juicy. I added them to some sliced peaches and we enjoyed them for dessert.

I am looking forward to trying the freeze dried blueberries in a muffin recipe,  probably the recipe on page 5 of Jan’s book,  Jan’s  Fabulous Food Storage Recipes. Or maybe some pancakes….

Freeze dried fruit isn’t like fresh obviously, its not supposed to be. Freeze drying is one of many ways to preserve food. I like the idea of freeze drying because it removes every. bit. of. water.  That’s the key to good food preservation by drying.

Have you ever had freeze dried fruit?  What was your impression?