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Get Organized

If you suspect that you may be at home for longer than you first thought, you might want to take stock of what you have on hand and then organize it. Not only will it make life easier in the future, it will give you something productive to do with your time.

This includes not just foodstuff but all kind of things you have on hand like OTC medicines, toiletries, clothing, etc.

When you’re cleaning out any area and getting it ready to organize you want to throw away old, unusable things. That really doesn’t include food though, most foods can be used well past their use-by date. So think through that as you work.

There could be a few things you can give away as well, but these being strange times, you might not want to do that. I think places like Goodwill are still taking donations, and they are probably equipped to do so. Private individuals may or may not want to go through a disinfection process. More to think about.

You could also take this time to go through your clothing and organize it.

Cleaning, organizing, separating and storing things makes for a well put together home and that brings peace of mind. Peace of mind is essential in times like these.

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  1. Linda Bobo Reddoch

    I really like the shelves idea. We don’t have a pantry in our small kitchen.