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Gathering In For Fall

We’re having a great discussion at the CHK Message Board about getting our homes ready for Fall and cooler weather.  These ladies have great ideas!  I wanted to share them with our other readers, so that you too can create a warm and cozy retreat for you and your family this Fall.

I think there are a few rules of thumb that anyone who wants to improve their home and get it comfy/cozy can follow:

    Get it clean
    Keep it warm
    Bring in some color
    Make it cheerful
    Create a sanctuary

Get it clean ~ obviously a home is more comfy if it is clean and uncluttered.  That’s why we have our annual Fall Cleaning Event at the message board, to offer help and encouragement for those who need it. Cold weather has a way of creating it’s own kind of clutter in a house. Cleaning now will reduce some of that winter-time clutter, later. So get your little abode clean and tidy and you’re half way there to a cozy retreat!

Keep it warm ~ There are varied levels of warmth that we each enjoy. We keep our home on the cool side. But we do enjoy having a warm place to snuggle up when the cold winds are blowing outside! You can create warmth in your home in several ways; candles give the impression that the house is warmer, afghans and fuzzy blankets on chairs and sofas are always available to wrap up in and just their presence makes the house seem warmer. Rugs under foot keep tootsies warm. And on the practical side, insulating and weather stripping go a long way toward making your home warm and comfortable.

Bring in some color ~ Fall offers a beautiful palette of color and texture that you can borrow from to decorate your home. You don’t have to spend to make a beautiful fall home, just go outside and see what treasures you can bring indoors. A bowl of pine cones makes a lovely centerpiece. Red, yellow and orange leaves can be used in many ways; left on stems, they can be placed in vases, off of the stems they can be strewn about on your dining table. Just a bowl of leaves is beautiful to look at! Acorns, rocks, sticks, driftwood, dried seed pods, leaves even flowers can all be terrific decor for your Fall home.

Make it cheerful ~ when you close up your home in preparation for cooler weather, the last thing you want to do is to make it dreary! Open some curtains, let the light in. Light some candles in living spaces, put on some cheerful music and keep living areas brightly lit while you and your family are in them.

Create a sanctuary ~ That’s what we all want to do isn’t it? We want to make a place to come home to that the whole family will appreciate and enjoy. We want to create a home that our spouse and children will want to come home to. Do you know what the main ingredient of a sanctuary-like home is? Its you, mom or wife! Your attitude, your walk with God and His presence in your home, your physical appearance, your care and love all make that little home a sanctuary to come home to.

Have fun creating a warm, cozy and comfy sanctuary this Autumn. And come by the CHK Message Board for more great ideas!


  1. Kimberly in idaho

    Thank you for your lovely ideas. I think fall is a wonderful time of the year. God is really showing His beautiful artwork here in Idaho.

  2. yvonne

    There are some lovely ideas there Sylvia! I must try them this Autumn 🙂