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Freshen Up Your Bedrooms

Spring is a good time to freshen up your bedroom and make it clean and comfy.  Here are some ideas to make your bedroom a fresh, comfortable sanctuary. 

1. Clean and organize – A comfy bedroom starts with organization and cleanliness. Clean out closets and clean out dresser drawers. Pick up stuff that accumulates on the floor and behind doors. Organize your jewelry, shoes and accessories.  Give the room a good dusting, too.  Don’t forget to clean out from under the bed!

2. Wash the curtains and rugs and consider changing out heavy drapes for lighter curtains. Let in some light by changing out those heavy drapes. Or just pull back the drapes and let the sunshine in. While you’re at it – you might want to wash the windows so the eun can get through!

3. How about anew coat of paint? Paint is one of the least expensive things you can do for a room for one of the biggest impacts. Fresh paint makes the whole room seem new and clean again. See that pretty bluish-purple above? I am thinking about that color for my own bedroom this Spring.

4. Exchange your flannel sheets for fresh cotton ones. And add some cool cotton quilts in place of heavy, fuzzy blankets.

Just a little work and thought and your bedroom can be clean, fresh and sunny!



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  1. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

    I love our bedroom. I love that it’s finished. It was a priority when we moved into this new home and I love how it turned out. So the good thing is that it’s pretty much good to go. It has new paint, fresh curtains and I try to keep it tidy because it looks so nice when it is and it puts a smile on my face when I’m in there.
    It’s amazing how good a room can make you feel if it’s clean and organized.
    Have a glorious day Sylvia!