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Feels Like Winter

I lit the kerosene heater this morning. Just to get the chill out of the air. But its still lit and of right now…. there are three animals lying in front of its flames. The dogs are old and I know they get cold much easier than they used to. Besides, their old bones and joints probably feel much better when they are warm. 

First thing this morning I made coffee and dug out a hunk of the pumpkin refrigerator cake my sis in law left from Thanksgiving. I may as well slather it on my hind quarters. Must remember to tell her “Thanks.”

When I sat down to eat the cake and read email I glanced outside. Still raining, and its that cold kind of rain that makes you freeze up and try to find shelter quickly when you are out in it.  Once it stops raining I will go to the back garden beds and cut some greens. Collards, turnips and mustard greens for lunch. If it stops raining, that is.

The weather forecast actually calls for snow tonight and tomorrow, but then the temperatures will go up and the snow will melt. That is, if there is any accumulation, there usually is not this time of year. But it still chills and makes the landscape look cold and lonely.

I sure am glad I have a warm place to dwell and a fire to warm up to. Even if I have to push aside a few dogs to get to it.


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  1. Marg

    I’m next to that heater with you! Your dog looks so relaxed, I could nap like that on a cold day too. 🙂