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Enter to Win a Copy Of Build The Perfect Bug-Out Bag

Creek Stewart from Willow Haven Outdoor is on my radio show on December 1st at 5 pm central AND  is giving away 2 copies of his new book, How To Build The Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72 Hour Disaster Kit.

This is the most well-written book about building a Bug-Out bag ever. Truly. Everything you need to know is in here. I was amazed at the scope of this book. Its written by a guy who has lived out survival and he knows what you need in your Bug-Out Bag.

Here’s how to enter:  

Go to Willow Haven Outdoor and check out their store.

Choose one thing that you would love to have…besides the book!

Come back here and make a comment and let me know what you found that you’d love from Willow Haven Outdoor.

You’re entered!

One entry per person, please.

The drawing will be held on December 7th and I will announce the winner here at Christian Homekeeper on December 8th!



  1. Sylvia

    This drawing is closed.

  2. Marcia Mann

    Love to have the edible wild plants book, too!

  3. Vicky C

    I would love to have the BAHCO Lapplander Folding Saw for camping.

  4. Debbie D.

    I would love the Edible Wild Plants book

  5. Wendy

    Visited Willowhaven Outdoor’s website. Wow, what a great selection!! My WANT list is huge! There’s the Bushcraft Shelter, Zipper Pull compass, Ultimate Survival Wetfire, Swiss Surplus Stove, super cool Light My Fire SPORK, Esbit Solid Tablet Cook Stove, Aquamira Survival Straw, 9-Hour Candles… I even love the WillowHavenOutdoor Bandana! … we really need to get our gear in check and ready! And of course we need that book! Glad to have found their site! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sheri The Organic Pet Lady1


    This is a really cool item and I saw many things that we could use here! Unfortunately, most of the stuff we want is sold out on your website-
    Great place–Hope I win! 😀
    Sheri The Organic Pet Lady
    Host of Pet Prep Radio Show

  7. Amy Sellers

    I would probably get the Heat Sheet Survival Blanket. I need some things like that in my B.O.B.

  8. Cathy

    I would want to have the All Weather Super Emergency Blanket! Great web site!

  9. Travis

    Time for me to get a new machete and the Cold Steel 22″ Magnum Kukri Machete caught my eye.

  10. Karen B

    He has several great items but as I was looking through them I saw the SOG EDC mini sharpener and thought that it would be a great thing to stick in my BOB. Small, light weight perfect.

  11. Debbie S

    so many choices! I’d have to go with the dump pouch or the Field Guide to edible plants. We could practice while camping.
    Debbie S recently posted..Hiking

    • Sissy

      I would love the A.L.I.C.E pak. Love this website and will be visiting alot. Thank you

  12. Cee

    I would love to have the ALice pack!
    I am definitely going to revisit the site!

    Thanks for Sharing!

  13. Lynn B

    The Nalgene canteen looks like something we could really use. Thanks!

  14. Ed Mathews

    I liked the survival knife from the Ontario knife company, as well as the maxpedition falcon II backpack. But there we’re many things I’ve added to my Christmas list!!!

  15. Davalyn Black

    the survival courses. I would so love a lesson on what to do, what to expect, how to build a lean, what to eat… Just in case there were a need for buggin out. Where to begin is so overwhleming for a newby. I wonder how I would fare , especially with young kids. Great website by the way. Loved looking at it.

  16. Molly Comer

    I’m really liking the Gerber Firecracker LED light!

  17. Cristy S.

    I love the “7 Cook-In-The-Pouch Dehydrated Entrees” …

  18. DJ Merritt

    I would choose the Guidemaster 22″ Sawback Machete. I found lots of goodies there though.

  19. Nancy Libby

    P.S. my hubby and I just spent the last hour going over the WHO website. He wants the ultimate survival shotgun. HA! Amazing! (I haven’t mentioned that I have military time myself, have i?)

  20. Nancy Libby

    I think either the wild edible plants book and the EDC keychain rock. Very interesting site. (love the 7 uses for a tampon)…

  21. Mya

    The one thing (out of many) that stood out the most to me was the Mora Beaver Cut Set. The set is perfect! I may have to go back to the site and buy it for myself for Christmas!

  22. Wende

    Love this site.
    My favoutite item is the stainless canteen bottle. Very universal and should be in everyone’s pack.

    Have been a “try-it prepper” fora short time.
    Look forward to getting in full force.

  23. Michele Puccini

    Would love to win! Love the Willow Haven site. Will be showing this to hubby later

  24. JennyA

    I would love to start by winning a copy of the book and a good back=pack for sure!

  25. Stacy

    I would like the book on wild edible plants. 😉

  26. Brenda

    This is the first time I have visited Willow Haven and need to look at it more with my husband and 4 sons. All the items look great . The backpack and the medical kit caught my eyes first . Our oldest son is about to go into the military so he needs to see this site also.Thanks

  27. Rose

    I would love the book on wild edible plants…..

  28. Sara McCloud

    I sure would like a copy of Peterson Field Guide to the Wild Edible Plants of Eastern/Central North America. I’ve been trying to learn more about wild edibles and this looks like a great resource!

  29. Brittney

    I would love to have the Folding Multi-Fuel Bushcraft Stove to add to my supplies! Really like that you can use different fuel sources with it and not have to buy specific fuels

  30. Pam Fredrickson

    Ultimate survival wet fire. Two of my boys are into anything survival and I believe this would be wonderful to have in their packs.

  31. Susan

    Willow Haven Outdoor has some very interesting items available — the one that caught my eye, but unfortunately is out of stock, is the Every Day Carry (EDC) Keyring Canister — however the Gerber Vise Mini Tool runs a very close second and would come in handy.

  32. pilar roy

    The “WHO” (lol) has some good stuff… Couldn’t get the knives & stuff to come up for the husband this morning, but I had a good time tooking at the packs & pack stoves also I really want one of these… HeatSheet Survival Blanket