I’ve updated my Christmas Planner and if you need help getting it all together….. I really think my planner can help you.

The 2013 Planner is 28 pages long and  contains:   christmas-planner-screenshot


  • Christmas Devotionals – to encourage you and keep your mind on what Christmas is really about: JESUS!
  • Weekly lists of what to do that you can add to or take away from to personalize
  • Ideas for Christmas Traditions – how to start some,how to choose them, what to expect
  • How to Host a Cookie Exchange -simple directions, loads of FUN!
  • Many Recipes – including fast and easy meals for busy days
  • Crafts and Decorating Ideas – inexpensive, beautiful, easy
  • Gift Ideas – for every member of the family but especially those who enjoy vintage goodies.

I have used scripture and quotes about Christmas from one of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens, to help get your mind focused on the important aspects of this beautiful holiday.  The Christmas Story is included in the planner so that you can read it again or use it to read to your family!

My goal for the Christmas Planner is to help you decide what you must do this season, when to do it and how to get it all done without exhausting yourself or your resources.  I suggest you print off the lists and keep them either in a notebook or just anywhere you can see them frequently.  The devotionals are short, applicable to the weekly plans and each one ends with a prayer.

Go ahead and check it out, I think you’ll be very glad you did!

2013 Christmas Planner