The main bedroom is often the only place to find any “alone” time.
However, the bedroom is often the first place to be used as a “dumping ground”. It’s not uncommon to find laundry that needs to be put away, books that need to be shelved, craft projects, etc.
All that clutter isn’t conducive to attaining a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The guest room is another place that often catches the clutter. Try not to begin the habit of using your guest room as a storage room with boxes of stuff everywhere and clothes thrown across the bed.
It should look as tidy and homey as the other bedrooms. You want it to make guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Here are some things to keep in mind and also to jumpstart us and get us going!

*Organize as you go. Pick up and deal with clutter!
Take this opportunity to go through any storage bins you have under ther bed. Throw out what you don’t need, organize and label the rest.

*Check to see if any casters or rubber floor protectors are needed under the feet of the bed, dressers, etc. Metal frame beds can be especially harsh on wood floors.

*If you store items under the bed using a bed skirt/ruffle will usually hide them.
And, take this time to go through these stored items and de-clutter. This is also a good time to move items if needed and clearly label storage bins/boxes before replacing them. Make a storage list if needed. That way you know what’s under there and you don’t have to go on a digging expedition for anything!

*Bedside tables and dressers
Take everything out/off and de-clutter if needed. Sort and organize before replacing items you’ve decided to keep.
If you keep any medicines in your bedside table you may want to consider child-proofing the drawers/doors.
Are their items in your dresser that should be hung instead of folded?

Evaluate them, make a plan, and GO!
Everything should have a place, even if it’s in (well labeled) storage bins/containers.
Consider a “closet makeover”! Closets don’t have to look like a dumping ground. They can be painted or papered, organized and neat. The more time you take now to make your closets user friendly and attractive the better you’ll do at upkeep.

~The quick 10 minute pick-up rule is great in these rooms too! Just a few minutes a day can add up to big changes!

~Most of the time 2 sets of sheets per bed are all you need. One set is on the bed and the other can be stored between the mattress and box spring for easy out of the way storage.

~Making your bed can be easier and quicker if you learn to make one side at a time.

Quilt Care
Here are a few more tidbits you might find useful from Deborah Tukua’s book, “Pearls of Country Wisdom.”
~An upright trunk makes a great bedside table and provides an inside storage space of 3 feet deep.
~Dresser drawers stick? Rub a moist bar of soap across the runners to help it glide easier.
~Has the life gone out of your mattress? No money for a new one? Extend the life of your mattress by purchasing an egg crate foam mattress covering. It’s much cheaper than buying a new mattress, usually around $12.00, yet adds plush comfort to your bedding for at least another year.