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From Sylvia –
When the children were little we strung Kix cereal and pop corn on string for the tree. I used plastic tapestry needles I found at walmart. We also made handprints using plaster of paris and little aluminum tart pans and before we poured the plaster, I stood a straw up in the pan where I wanted a hole for a ribbon to hang the ornament. I left the straw til the plaster was dry.

From Lori –
I know that this sounds very simple and like a no-brainer, but when I talk to other adults about this, more times than not they don’t do this.

Make a Christmas budget and stick to it! Whether you set up a special savings account through your bank (holiday savings account) or you know that every year you get a $300 Christmas Bonus from an employer that you use for Christmas or you simply budget for it in other ways, figure out how much you can reasonably spend without sacrificing your family living and giving and stick to it! Commit to NOT USING CREDIT for Christmas… my opinion, this is not honoring to the reason for celebrating Christmas. We are celebrating the birth of the Savior, and then become slaves to debt to celebrate it? I personally don’t think that that is a good idea!

Once you have made your budget decide how you want that to break down…..for instance, this year our budget is $350. We are spending $30-35 each on each family member (in our home) for their primary gift ($180-210)….a maximum of $20 each for each of 6 stockings…..and the remaining $$ goes to baskets/boxes/containers for the gifts for our extended family and friends (which is always homebaked goods and homecanned jams/jellies). I also budget $20 out of our grocery budget each month from June or July through December to pay for the ingredients for our Christmas baking and special meals. If we have extra parties that aren’t in the budget, I will not sacrifice our family’s meals and bills for that $….I either work for it (through extra babysitting or extra baking), or it doesn’t happen.

From Amber –
For Christmas dinner I make everyone’s favorite dish. I have a loose menu and they get to choose the sides. So if one requests mac n cheese they’ve got it. If the little one wants a dish of M&M’s that’s good too. Its about making the day special, not about what you receive. And if everyone gets a little comfort/favorite food well happy tummies equal happy times

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