This is an extremely easy, really delicious recipe. I first made it some 15 years ago when a friend at Church told me how to put it together. Its been a standby now at my house every since.

Crockpot Chicken

You will need:
4 or more chicken breasts or several chicken tenders
1 bottle Italian dressing or use an oil based dressing of your choice
1 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
2 or more cups chopped potatoes, scrubbed, peels left on. I like to use Yukon Gold potatoes.

Spray your crockpot with vegetable spray
Place the chicken pieces in the bottom of the crockpot
Add half of the bottle of dressing
Next add half the parmesan.
Then add the potatoes and pour the rest of the dressing and rest of the parmesan over the potatoes.

Put the lid on the crockpot and turn it on low. Cook for 6-8 hours.