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Come On Spring


Its almost spring.

Things have been like a whirl-wind here. My husband’s mom is living with us and needs a lot of care and help.  I am very happy to do it, I have always loved her and find it very said that some people don’t get along with their in-laws.   dandelion flower

Its been rainy, wet and chilly so far this March. We had a few warm days and now we’re back to cold. No problem for me, I don’t like to really start the garden til May anyway.

Every chance I get I’m downsizing and decluttering.I went ahead and put my winter clothes up and most of the heavy blankets. If it gets down to freezing again, we might freeze along with it! So far so good though.

We’ve had all the children here and grandchildren on the weekends. I like it. Nana likes it. It sure makes for a fast and busy weekend though.

I’ll be glad when the warm returns so we can sit on the deck and enjoy the weather.

What are you doing this spring?



  1. sarah b

    So good to know you are helping with your mum in law and are happy to do it! our family is having the worst dose of flu we have known. People in the local shops and schools are short staffed due to the bug. I really wanted to sow seeds for hanging baskets this week but we have been struggling with the bare necessities.
    The Lord is with us. And we give Him thanks amd praise for all He has done. The solar eclipse we witnessed today through some welding goggles. The BBC called it a cosmic coincidence. But we know different! Bless you Sylvia!

  2. mona

    We are expecting another snowstorm here in Vermont tomorrow, sigh, I get so impatient this time of year, I cannot breathe in the heat of Summer, but I love Spring!!
    I think I won’t put the Winter clothes away quite yet, but….. I envy you! Warm loving hugs