Dollop ~ Put a dollop of Dawn dish washing liquid in a small bowl…

I wear makeup. Sometimes.

I use foundation in the winter, blush and lipgloss, mostly chapstick.  I also use a brush for my foundation and blush. Those brushes get really gunky. My daughter showed me a way to clean them that is fast and works great.

You’ll need

White vinegar (I guess you could use apple cider vinegar)

Dawn dishwashing detergent

Clean water

Clean paper towel or cloth towel

If you are allergic to lots of things, and you suspect you might be allergic to dishwashing detergent, you could replace it with some liquid castile soap. It won’t be quite as effective but its worth a try.

I call this my Dollop, Dip, Dash and Dry method of cleaning brushes.

insert brush

Dip ~ Dip your brush in the solution

Put a dollop of Dawn in a little bowl. Add a dash of vinegar. Now add some water. There are no measurements.

Put your brush in and start swishing and swirling it, mashing it lightly on the bottom of the bowl and dashing it around. The liquid will get reallllly nasty looking. Dump out the liquid and mix a fresh batch. Repeat the swirling and swishing and mashing.

If you think it needs it again, do it. I did it twice.

Rinse your brush in clear water.

Dry with a clean paper towel or cloth towel. Allow it to air dry.


Dash the brush about wildly


Dry your brush on a clean paper towel